Benefit Galifornia – Review

I feel like I need to start this blog post like a confession… I’m sorry guys, for I have not blogged in quite a while – it genuinely feels like I’m a bit of a sinner. I hope you guys will forgive me? It’s been a busy few weeks!

Today I wanted to get back on here and share a product I’ve been loving recently. I feel like there hasn’t been as much hype about it as I thought there would be either, so here’s my little rave…

Benefit have finally expanded their cult boxed blush collection with the launch of Galifornia this month, and it’s so gorgeous today, I wanted to share a few pictures of it with you all, along with a review. I feel like back in the days of Bella Bamba etc, beauty junkies used to anxiously anticipate the next addition to the Benefit boxed powder lineup, but with their more recent forays into brows, lips and eyes, I think this one got lost in the mix a little bit… but it’s 100% worth a look.

The inspiration behind the product and the packaging is 1970’s California, with the box decorated with a 70’s boho girl, pretty gold accents and multicoloured hair. The shade itself is a gorgeous pinky-coral with a gold spray over. Those worried about the level of shimmer don’t need too, as it’s gone with one use and thereafter has just a subtle sheen to it. As with all Benefit blushers, the pigmentation isn’t out of this world… which in my opinion is a good thing, as overly-pigmented blush isn’t always the easiest thing to work with. This could probably do with a teeny-tiny bit more pigment to be absolutely perfect, as you do have to build it up quite a bit, but for me, the colour makes up for that – it’s the perfect peachy-pink… not too orange, not too rosy. Super flattering and the subtle shimmer adds a slight glow that makes you look lit from within. It smells great too –  like grapefruit and vanilla – always a bonus!

It has great lasting power too. Overall, I’ve been loving this for the past few weeks and can see it becoming a staple make-up bag go-to.

Galifornia is out now, £24.50