My Travel Essentials!

I’ve been traveling quite a bit recently and have had lots of requests to make an updated travel tips video, and a ‘What’s in my Carry On’ video. I’ve combined the two in collaboration with Simple in my new video to share all of my travel tips and product recommendations with you all!

You can check out the full video below, but the majority of products focus on skincare…

I never used to be bothered with looking after my skin on flights and when travelling, but after taking my fair share of long haul flights, I really started to noticed the difference it makes when you don’t. Air conditioning, lack of sleep and dehydration leave my skin feeling dry, sensitive and irritated, so I’ve started doing everything I can to avoid leaving my skin feeling dreadful upon arrival.

I’ve been a fan of Micellar water for years, but one of my favourite new discoveries to take with me is the Simple Micellar Water. It’s made with triple purified water and removes every single scrap of my makeup in a few seconds and doesn’t leave my skin feeling stripped (and, yes! It really is as good a the French pharmacy varieties!) Perfect for when I’m tired or jet lagged and tempted to fall asleep with my makeup on… When it only takes a few seconds, there really is no excuse!
Simple’s Micellar Water is £4.49 and available now in Boots for 200ml.

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